Sunburst Products was created by the legendary Sonny Roberts. Sonny was born in 1931 in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica in a village called Spice Grove. This is whereSonny learnt all about natural remedies and farming from his parents on their farm.

Sonny then left Jamaica in the late 1950’s for London, England to find work and prospects as a carpenter. Instead he became involved in the music industry by making speaker boxes for sound systems, doing carpentry commissions for private clients which were a natural progression to open a recording studio and record shop; both were hugely successful for the young entrepreneur. It was in the recording studio where Sonny met his wife Monica Tyrell who used to visit his studio with her niece who was a singer in a popular reggae band.

During that time it was always Sonny’s dream to return home to Jamaica so after living in England for over 38 years, Sonny and his wife Monica moved back to Jamaica to retire. After a few years of retirement in Jamaica they became a little bored so they decided to keep themselves busy by working on Sonny’s family farm in Manchester by manufacturing the all natural colouring Annatto and Dandelion Coffee of which were both dying out in Jamaica. These two products became very popular with the Jamaican public after its resurgence.

Whilst living in Jamaica, Monica contracted the mosquito related illness Dengue Fever, poor Sonny became extremely worried about his wife and the harsh medication that she prescribed that he immediately went back to his grass roots to find a natural remedy in order to prevent his wife from becoming seriously ill again. It was only then that Sonny created a miracle remedy that was so effective against mosquito bites. The formula which he created was so effective, it relieved the itching, swelling, redness, sores and infection.

This miracle formula was later then only used by their family and friends who found it of great use and very effective. It was only in the year 2011 that Sonny’s daughter Cleon who was born in England came to Jamaica to spend time with her parents due to serious illness also tragedy in her personal life. Simply by knowing about the great history and formula that her father created, she decided to do something about it. Considering that Sonny was now 81 years old, Cleon decided to launch the product by using some of her personal savings; she paid homage to her father by aptly naming the product – Sonny’s All Natural Mosquito & Insect Bite Relief.

This new product has taken Jamaica by storm and has been well received by all due to the product being innovative, very effective, all natural, oil free and the fact that it is 100% Jamaican! The product is currently being sold in numerous hotels and pharmacies island wide, other Caribbean Islands and there are plans which are currently in process to extend the range!