Sunburst Mosquito & Insect Anti-itch Formula

Sunburst Products was launched in 2007 by Sonny and Monica Roberts.

Since returning to Jamaica from London 15 years ago, it was always Sonny’s dream to convert Sunburst Farm – his family land, into a natural agricultural system that would produce high quality products using the best ingredients by working in harmony with the environment, nature and using traditional farming skills.

By those principles, Sonny and Monica believe that one is able to nourish ones family with good wholesome cooking combined with a complimentary approach to wellbeing is the foundation for a healthy, vital life for generations to come.

The Natural Answer to Muscle Cramp and PainSonny’s All Natural Muscle Cramp Pain Relief

Ever wondered how to relieve pain and discomfort that is associated with muscle cramp and aches – Sonny’s All Natural Muscle Cramp Pain Relief. This unique blend of organic natural products sourced exclusively in the cool hills of Manchester, Jamaica provides an alternative to the chemically based products available on the market.

This 100% natural product developed from a family remedy using some of nature’s most effective plants and herbs. It has a pleasant scent, is non-oily, non-toxic, without mineral oils and cruelty free.

Sonny’s Muscle Cramp Pain Relief is our newest product and is a necessary aid for athletic performance, relaxes, stimulates aching muscles and eliminates muscle cramp. When applied liberally to the skin, this deep penetrating, soothing balm is a fast recovery formula.
Sonny’s All Natural Muscle Cramp Pain Relief is an essential item for pain relief.

No more itching or red bumps

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